Kitten and Cat Care

F e l i n e C a r e I n f o…

Kitten & Cat Care Info Links…

Why I can’t go to my forever home until I’m at least 12 weeks old…

Why keep your kitten / cat indoors –

Thinking about Declawing? Get MORE Informed –

Info on bringing a new kitty into a home, especially if there are already cats in the house –

Is your Kitty is NOT using the litter box? –

How to bath your cat / kitten (includes pictures) –

How to Clip Kitty’s Claws (includes pictures) –

Harness Training for Cats –

How to build a Safe Outdoor Enclosure –

More than just a Cat Tree –

Build your own Cat Tree –

Other useful kitten and cat health care information and tips:

Where can I find … ?

• Grooming Supplies -links to online retailers who offer popular grooming supplies

• Health Care Supplies -links to websites that offer health care supplies

• Cat Food -List of links to premium cat food manufacturers

• Cat Trees and Scratching Posts – websites where you can find cat furniture

• Feline Enclosures – links to purchase or build your own animal enclosures

• Pedigree Software

• Veterinary Information -links to articles and websites for feline health information

• TICA Ragdoll Breed Standard

What is the reason … ?

• Do Ragdolls cause allergies?

• Why Ragdolls should not go outside

• Bargain Ragdolls – What they are and why to avoid them.

• Do Not Declaw – Information and referance links about Declaw

• Early Spay and Neuter – Information and reference links

• House Plants and Other Household Products Can Be Dangerous

Taking up the fight against FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis)

The Cat Lover’s Online Directory! If you are looking for a cat-related website, this is a great place to start. A large and resourceful directory with a personal touch!

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