Ready to Buy?

Step 1:

Contact us by email or telephone and tell us a little about you so that we can try to match you with the right kitten. Let us know:

  • which Ragdoll features are most important to you  (temperment, gender, size, colour, favourite pattern, etc)?
  • what environment is the kitten going to (ie: apartment, house, children, other pets, etc).

Step 2:

Reserve a kitten from a current or future litter by making an initial deposit of $200.

Step 3:

Once the kittens are 8 weeks old and verification of the sex, colour and pattern are done, then a contract is signed and HALF the purchase price is due.

Deposits are non-refundable (up to sellers discretion, depending on the situation). The remaining amount towards the purchase price is due prior to the release or a kitten.

Step 4:

Details are sorted out via e-mail or phone and we will send you a contract for your purchase. We provide the following services at buyer’s request:

  • Additional pictures and information of the selected kitten(s).
  • Arrangements to get the kitten(s) to you via airplane if they can’t be picked up. Shipping and crate costs, however, are extra.

Step 5:

The final payment must be made in full before the shipping or release of a kitten.

Payment Options

  • Contact us for payment options.
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